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Trick Photography Tips for Stunning


Photography is one of the most popular hobbies throughout the world. Many people love taking photos of people, landscapes, animals, and nature then sharing them with the world. However being a successful photographer is not as easy as it sounds. Making sure your pictures are colorful, clear, and unique takes a significant amount of practice and learning. If you are interested in learning more about photography, be sure to check out these seven trick photography tips for stunning photos!

1. Make sure that you take personal photos. Some photographers try to be distant from their photography subjects because they are shy or nervous. However as a photographer you want to make sure that your photos are personal. People love personal photos much more than any other type of photo because they can relate and connect to personal photos better. Adding a personalized touch to your photos also ensures that your photographs are unique because each photographer has a unique style.

2. When photographing people, you also want to make sure to capture natural emotions and reactions. No one likes photos that look

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Digital Photography Tips


Trust me on this. You got to look after your digital camera. No matter what type of camera it is! In my case, it’s a digital thing that’s as heavy as a small log, and keeps making pictures when I press the button. Do I know how to use it? Not really. I just know how to make it take photos. The rest of the details are in the manual for the technical experts to read. Me, I got work to do. Anyway, as this article is about photography tips I thought you’d like to know how to raise and train your camera.

The first thing, like all new cameras, is that you’ve got to feed it regularly. Now don’t skip this step! It’s important. You’ll know when it needs to be fed. It’ll calmly blink at you and eventually shut down. That means you won’t be able to take any more photos. But don’t worry when this happens. It’s just telling you it’s hungry. So, make sure you plug her in and give her a good feed. Preferably overnight.

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Landscape Photography Tips And Techniques


Today’s photo tip is the third and last in our review of landscape photography tips and techniques. If you combine this one with the last two, you WILL be light years ahead of your local photo competition!

I challenge you to try USING these landscape photography tips and techniques this weekend, and prove me wrong!

This article (like the last two) is a review of landscape photography tips and techniques I’ve covered before. Have you wondered why I’m going over previously tread ground? There are several reasons.

First – I wanted to have all these landscape photography tips and techniques listed together so you can more easily make a checklist. I hope you’ve done that, in the excitement of the moment, it’s easy to forget important and rather obvious techniques.

I’m reminded of a caution I once heard… If you are about to fly somewhere in an airplane – would you rather hear that the wings were designed by an engineer who remembered the mathematical stress formulas – or one who looked them up!

Professional Pregnancy Photography

Over the past few years there has been an increasing demand for experienced pregnancy photographers. This has mainly fueled an increasing number of services that promise women that they will get amazing and memorable photos. However, the problem with maternity photography is the fact that it is very challenging. A photographer is expected to manage a number of important variables which includes the mood of his client, makeup, posing, lighting and clothing. In addition, because a woman is pregnant she cannot twist her body into various poses like a normal woman could.

A few useful photography tips

When it comes to taking maternity photographs you should take as much help as you can get. The below tips should help make it easier for you to take beautiful photographs:

  • Before you decide to photograph a woman you need to first find out how many months pregnant she is. Generally speaking you should opt to photograph women who are around 7 months pregnant, mainly because this is when they look their best and their bodies have not yet started to significantly bloat.

  • Ask your subjects to get their makeup done either by a professional

Top Advice on Newborn Photography

When parents decide on getting their newborn photographed, there will be a few newborn photography tips to keep in mind. The most important aspects of the photos will depend on the style that is required. There are two main varieties linked to newborn photography, which will include either stylized or lifestyle.

Lifestyle photography is focused on more laid back settings and the photographer will come out and shoot the newborn in the natural environment. The baby will usually be fully clothed and photographs will be taken of the baby held against either parent. Stylized sessions will feature nude shots of the newborn with the addition of props such as baskets and fabrics.

Stylized photos will include controlled environments, lighting and temperature to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for the newborn. These photographs, usually include a number of images where the baby is placed into positions in order to showcase features such as the toes, feet, fingers and the face.

One of the best places to locate a reputable newborn photographer, would be to conduct a Google search and then browse through the web pages. It is

Photography Tip

Whether your a pro or an amateur photographer try these simple photography tips and techniques to improve your portrait photographs.

I was standing at the photo viewing monitor in the studio, showing the Wilson’s their photos. I had shot family pictures for them earlier that day. We were selecting images from the family photo shoot for them to buy. We had already chosen a family shot and a picture of the Wilson kids as well as individual shots of each child. It was time to pick out a photograph of mom and dad. There was a great close-up portrait photo of mom and dad, but dad didn’t like it, so they selected the full length image and I rang them up. On the way out the Mrs. Wilson whispered to me that Mr. Wilson was sensitive about his double chin and that’s why they didn’t get the close-up. Sure enough after they left, I looked at the image and there it was, the double chin!

Here are some helpful tips and techniques:

  • The best photography tip- Eliminating the double chin is also one of the easiest techniques you can implement. Simply have the client

Photography Tip Let s Do The Twist

I’d like to share my model slenderizing photography tip with you, so that you can use it to help slim your subjects and trim their waists. The better your subjects look, the more they will appreciate your photos.

I was recently on a photo shoot with a couple at the lake. During the meet and greet before the shoot, the female subject said to me, “make me look thin and I’ll buy a ton of photos”, I told her “not-to-worry, I’ve got a magic lens!” Why was I so confident? I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. I work on commission, so my life depends upon making her look good. I knew exactly what I was going do.

My first photographic pose was a standing shot of the couple. I used a technique I call, The Twist! To make the models appear thinner in the standing full length photograph. Here’s how I did it:

I posed the subjects for a full length (head to toe) standing image, with the models standing together next to each other and facing me. Both models kept their feet together and parallel.

How to Improve Your Portrait Photography Technique

When you look at portrait photography, you will see that it is different from other branch of digital photography. You can see that your subjects are human beings who speak their own words, have personal feelings and want to look good in the pictures. Surely you won’t hear the mountain complain when you didn’t capture the best side of it. Right?

One of the important portrait photography tips is that you will want to look at the details around your subject before you snap the picture. Sometimes it only takes a small thing to ruin the perfect picture. It can be an old scar, a folded skirt, or simply a pole in the background. Imagine your client complain about the slipped bra strap in the picture. You will have a lot of trouble explaining to your client why you didn’t notice that.

Now, portrait photography doesn’t always mean that you only take close up face shot of your subject. You are not using that picture to apply for driving license. The essence of this portrait photography technique is to capture the natural side of your subject. Lets say your niece

Wedding Photography Tips

As you may already know, photography comes in various shapes and sizes and each different genre of the art comes with its very own unique challenges as well as its very own benefits and rewards. As you might suspect, wedding photography is of no exception to this rule. The numerous challenges faced by wedding photographers may initially scare enthusiasts away from the profession, but when mastered and done correctly the rewards reaped are nothing less than fantastic. This article will explore my top 5 wedding photography tips that I’ve learnt from the numerous weddings and various other formal functions that I’ve professionally photographed in the past.

1. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance: You should try to ensure you have everything prepared by the very least a few days before the event. This includes making sure you know the best and the quickest route to the venue, exactly who to meet and where and at what time to meet them. Also make sure you prepare spare: batteries, lenses, cameras and memory cards to cover yourself incase of faulty or broken items on the big day.

2. Construct Shot Lists: Some clients

How to Take Good Pictures With Your Digital Camera

Read lots of articles and tutorials, then try out what you learn with your digital camera. What follows are a few very good digital photography tips that can set you apart from the photography crowd. These tips are very simple, yet they are extremely effective in getting that “WOW” factor into your images.

Of all the advice given on photography websites as photographers critique each others’ images, this probably ranks number one in digital photography tips. Move the main subject out of the center of the photo frame. Our tendency is to center the subject, but it is much more interesting if the main subject is not dead center in the photo. This works really well if you have a person or a pet that is looking toward an imaginary object that is to the side of the camera. Try to take your photo while they are NOT looking at the camera. Place them so they are looking through the picture. That is to say, they are looking across the picture. Do not have them looking to the short side of the picture.

If you are taking pictures of nature,

Digital Photography Tips

Taking photographs of friends and family can be rewarding or disappointing depending on the shot but with these digital photography tips you can have shots to be proud of. There’s nothing as bad as taking pictures of your friends or family and looking at the pictures later and not being at all happy with them. Being too embarrassed to show them off and afraid of having a joke or smart comment passed about them is not a nice feeling. But there is small digital photography tips that you can remember that will eliminate these problems for you. Hopefully with these digital photography tips the people or subjects in your photographs will look exactly the way you want them to appear.

People in Motion: If you are a photographer that is going to be solely shooting people or things while they are moving then the type of camera shutter speed will be very important for you. Maybe your friend is snowboarding down a hill or playing a football match then trying to catch them at the right moment can be difficult. Most consumer cameras these days offer a shutter speed as short as 1/4000

Digital Photography Tips to Help You

It is important to read as many articles and tutorials as you can and then try out your new techniques with your digital camera. The following are some important digital photography tips that can help you improve your photography so you can impress people (and even yourself!)s with your pictures.

Do not center the subject of your photograph in the frame when you are taking a picture. We tend to want to do this naturally but you will have more areas of interest in the photograph if you do not center your subject. This tip really helps out when your subject is looking at something out of the frame of the picture. It is better if you can snap the photograph while your subject is looking away instead of at the camera. If possible, have your subject looking to the side as if he is looking out of the picture.

The same tip will help you with your nature photography. You do not want to put the subject of your photograph, say a flower, in the middle of the frame. If you feel it is best for some photographs, though,

Wedding Photography Tips to Ensure You Capture the Beauty

If you are asked to do the photography for a wedding, this is a huge responsibility. Everyone has heard horror stories about wedding day photo disasters, and the last thing you want to do is disappoint the happy couple. The wedding day is one of the biggest events in a person’s life, and one that they want to remember forever. Photos give them a way that they can look back at that special day. To make sure that you get great results when photographing a wedding, here are a few wedding photography tips to keep in mind so you capture the beauty of this special day.

Tip #1 – Find Out What the Couple Wants

First, you need to talk to the couple and find out what they want from their wedding photographs. Every couple is going to be a bit different. Some may want formal shots, while others may want more candid photos. Take time to meet with the couple before the wedding, get to know their personalities, and make sure you have a clear picture of what they want. The more you know about what their preferences are,

Wedding Photography Tips For When You Hire a Professional

Today I went to interview a professional wedding photographer for my wedding occurring next year, and it sparked an idea to share my experience with my readers. As a wedding event planner, why not provide some wedding photography tips and a wedding photography checklist to help another fellow bride with her wedding?

I think it is important when you are researching a professional wedding photographer to let your groom in on the experience. (Based upon the fact that he’s interested!) My fiancee happens to be a professional photographer so he has a vested interest in this part of the wedding.

Therefore, take a look at different photographers’ portfolios, ask your friends, relatives, your wedding event planner for references as well as research online at various wedding sites that offer suggestions and wedding photography tips when you are first selecting your photographer.

Next, go and interview your potential photographer like I did today (well, I didn’t really interview Michael since I have worked with him as a wedding event planner on other weddings)! It’s important that you and your fiancee are comfortable with your photographer so that you

Basic Photography Tips

When one intends to explore the world of digital photography and possibly make it a lucrative career in the future, the first thing to be accomplished is to understand the basics of photography. You must able have a reliable compact digital camera in your possession that would prove to be your most valuable tool when you are out shooting or capturing pictures. Here we have some basic photography tips that would hopefully guide you well in your bid to become a successful photographer in the future:

1) Once you own a camera, go through its manual, and understand exactly what every switch, button, control and item on the menu does to your photographs! Even if you are unable to master everything, ensure that you know how to turn on the flash when necessary, are able to switch between different environment settings and know how to zoom in and out.

2) Start taking pictures by switching your camera’s mode to automatic setting at first, and once you are more familiar with the settings and features of your camera, you should be able to alter it in accordance to your needs and

Best Photography Tips To Take Better

If you need to improve on your digital photography standard, then just follow these all important basic 5 photo taking tips. You will soon be taking perfect photos every time you snap away on your camera.

1) Be imaginative
So just how are you going to take a picture that stands out from the rest, is a question you may have to ask yourself every time you are focusing on common subject material. You need to understand that millions of similar photography is posted every day on the Internet. So should you be spending your time on commonly taken photography. Let’s tackle that one in the very next of our 5 photography tips…

2) Take a close look at the perspective
We always tend to look at things from our own point of view, but imagine how the world would look like from a the small perspective of a puppy dog. Have a go at changing your eye level and try taking photos from different angle views, and just play around with the perspectives – Get your children to lie down on the grass, head in hands, with you taking

Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape Photography Tips #1 – Get The Best Out Of Your Wide-Angle Lens

Just focusing on infinity will not guarantee that your photos will turn out sharp. Wide-angle lenses indeed have a much greater depth-of-field as compared to telephoto lenses.

Nonetheless, it is crucial that you use the right point within the frame. This ensures that you bring the very best out of your lenses. To achieve this, you will need to utilize the hyperfocal point.

Landscape Photography Tips #2 – The Challenges Of Shooting Wide

A) Stacking Too Many Filters

A very important fact to consider when photographing landscapes with wide-angle lenses is the use of filters. Often times, stacking too many filters onto your wide-angle lens will bring about the risk of visibility of the filter at the edges of your photograph’s frame. Hence, if you really want to get use a polarizing filter, I suggest that you use an ultra-thin one.

B) Watch Out For The Corners Of The Frame

Another thing you’ll want to look out for is the distortion of

Wildlife Photography Tips That Exploit Your Telephoto Lenses

Wildlife Photography Tips #1 – The Pros and Cons Of Using Long Lenses

When you use long lenses, there will not be any need for you to get too close to your wildlife subject. This simply means that it is alright for you to remain at a comfortable distance from the subject and still get the shot you desire. This works very well with shy and skittish wildlife subjects.

Another thing to note is that long focal lengths have the tendency to reduce depth-of-field. This gets the subject to be isolated from the distracting background as the background gets blurred.

Long lenses can also compress space. This makes the elements within the frame to appear looking closer together then they really are.

The narrow angle of view, along with the limited depth of field makes it harder for photographers to achieve a ‘sense of place’ as long lenses tend to crop and blur out most of the elements in the background.

Wildlife Photography Tips #2 – Keep The Lens Steady For Sharp Results

A) Shooting From A Vehicle

Photography Tips for Getting Amazing

In this post, we will check out a number of important photography tips regarding shooting in black and white. Black and white pictures generally are represented as a spectacular photography form as they are inclined to share feelings which could not be realized in a color picture. As you’ll observe in this article, a lot of the photography tips for creating effective back and white photos focus on subtlety, and how to makes use of the strength of light and dark areas to bring out the details of your subject.

Utilizing Natural Illumination

Considering that black and white pictures are in reality grey, black, and white, we actually end up with a good variety of distinct tones with which we can work. Natural illumination is actually an effective method of obtaining expressive make up in the photograph. As an example, employing decreased light in the evenings may possibly cast a more somber, brooding scene as compared to making use of the gentle, misty warm tones of a morning sunrise or the harsh, sterile and clean lighting connected with the midday direct sun light.

These kinds of distinct lighting situations may be especially powerful whenever combined

Photography Tips To Protect Your DSLR

There are 4 things that you have to be on the lookout for to keep your DSLR away from danger. These 4 elements are sand, water, heat, sunscreen and dust.

What are the signs that’ll tell you your DSLR has already come into contact with any of the 4 elements? How can you solve it? Most importantly, how to avoid ever letting your DSLR get exposed to these 4 things?

Protect DSLR Photography Tips #1 – Stay Away From Sand

Signs That Your DSLR Is Already In Trouble

When your DSLR gets into contact with sand, you will notice that the moving parts of your DSLR get stuck. The error message on your DSLR’s screen appears.

How To Resolve This Problem?

It’s bad news that sensor cleaning kits won’t be able to come to your DSLR’s rescue. Not even gadgets that puff air.

Your only option here is to send your DSLR to a dealer who will do the cleaning for you. Otherwise, you can take it to the manufacturer.

What they’ll

Landscape Photography Tips

Today we will continue our review of landscape photography tips and techniques. Add these ideas to your landscape and cityscape photos and you will start winning photo contests! It’s almost a given!

Yesterday we talked about light.

First we discussed the color of light… You need to get up early in the morning and start shooting in the 20 or so minutes before dawn. AND you need to keep shooting for about 20 minutes or so past sunset.

At those times there is a phenomenon we will call a “false” sunrise and sunset that can produce some absolutely stunning colors in your landscape and cityscape photos.

Next we talked about the angle of the light… Think of bodybuilder photos. The light is coming from about 90 degrees to the subject. This creates a lot of shadows that accent and define their muscles.

At dawn and dusk, the glancing light from the sun is at the perfect angle to create a lot of defining shadows. This will add a lot of third dimensionality to your photos and make them come alive!